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Dr. Greg Scherr

Growing Up Chiropractic

As a small child, my father’s younger sister and her husband moved into our house with us. My Uncle “Bob” had just graduated from chiropractic college in Illinois. From that point on, we were always receiving Chiropractic treatments for wellness care. Many times at bed time we were told to get ready for bed and would rebel because Uncle Bob had not adjusted us yet that day. Unknowingly, we were becoming acclimated into the “wellness health care” that Chiropractic offers. We were not treated for pain or injuries exclusively. We were treated because we liked it and because we knew it made us feel better.

Chiropractic offers a wellness health care system that can not be matched.

Uncle Bob moved out of our family home with in a year, but we always went for regular adjustments. Any time any of us got sick, hurt in sports or injured on the ranch, we were always taken to Uncle Bob’s office first. We did not spend much time with our family medical doctor or pediatrician. My maternal grandmother was a nurse and many times their health theories would clash between my uncle and her. Chiropractic always seemed to win out.

Changing Paths

After high school graduation I went to work in my fathers construction business. During a very cold part of the North Dakota winter we were working outside on my Uncle Bob’s brand new home. I had complained to my aunt how miserable it was to work outside in the weather. She replied that I should change my ways now if I do not like want I am doing. Not knowing what to pursue, it was her who suggested a Chiropractic education. Both my uncle and aunt got me back into school to start my undergraduate education. That very next summer they took me to the National College of Chiropractic, in Chicago Ill., to see the school. I was very impressed with what I saw and could not wait to start.

Finding Home

Another uncle of mine, Uncle Lee, worked as the manager of the Arrowhead Country Club. As children, we would come to Rapid City once every summer to visit for a week or ten days. Many summers I would stay for a month to be with my cousins. Growing up, I always wanted to live in the Black Hills. When I asked my wife of 26 years to marry me, I specifically asked if she would marry me AND live in the Black Hills. Thankfully, she said yes and we were married in 1981. We moved to Rapid City immediately after graduating from the National College of Chiropractic in 1982. Pam and I, and the five children, have loved living in the Black Hills.

A Chiropractic Family

Thanks to my uncle and aunt, I have been able to work in the best profession of the health care field. I would not go back and change it for anything. We see Chiropractic miracles happen often in our clinic over the last 25 years. I love going to work and I love what I do. My wife and I currently have two adult sons studying in graduate school to become Chiropractors. It would be impossible to find anything better than Chiropractic. Chiropractic offers a wellness health care system that can not be matched by any other health care provider. It has been a privilege to do this for the past twenty-six years.

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