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Massage Therapy

Sarah Trask, Massage Therapist

Woman receiving a massage

Hello! My name is Sarah, and I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little about me. Are you having headaches? Back or Low back pain? Pain, numbness, tingling, down the arms or legs? Or just stressed and need to relax? I can help! I have been a massage therapist for over 4 years; I have over 800 hours of training along with an additional 220 in the Master Body Works Program. What does this mean for you? Relief!

Relief from Pain

Along with listening to your concerns, aches and pains, I am trained to assess your body and find where the root cause of your pain is coming from. I work together with my clients to educate them to help maintain balance in their muscles. How do I do this? I perform massage on clients to relieve pain, lengthen and relax muscles. Along with finding the right stretching and/or exercises to help maintain your bodies balance for longer lasting relief!

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